Government Grants For Home Repair

Homes are long-term commitments that require constant, however, having the funds available when needed, can be difficult especially during tough economic times. Damage due to environmental factors, earthquakes, or just wear and tear can result in expensive repairs that can empty an account quickly. Today Government Grants for Home Repair is available to those who qualify and can really help save families from losing their homes due to un-repaired damage.Typically, these grants will pay for many repairs such as siding, roofs, or even the replacement of needed equipment such as air conditioning and heating units. These monies are available to ensure the residence remains liable as well as safe and secure for the residents. However, you will need to check with your local, city, and state agencies to see if you qualify.In some cases, city grants are designed to increase the value of properties located in low income areas. Many times these repairs include such things as yard cleanup, house painting, and repair of siding. Funding is provided to cover the cost of supplies and, once purchased, volunteers can be recruited to do the actual work. They are often available to low income families as well as those with disabilities and seniors.It’s important to note, however, that grant monies usually total only about $500, but the fact skilled volunteers help complete projects makes a little money goes a long way. The local community development office is a great place to start a search of this kind, but there are many other grant sources available if you know where to look.For those who need funding which exceeds that which is available locally, finding a low interest loan through governmental agencies may provide the money needed for larger repairs. Three such agencies are the Housing and Urban Development (HUD), the Senior Housing Department, and Rural Housing Service of the US Department of Agriculture. Again, loans are often based on income so many qualify for the loan forgiveness program if they remain in the home for a set number of years or meet other qualifications.Another grant option for those who have children in the home is through your local Family Services office or Children’s Miracle Network. These departments also provide grants for home repair in that they want to ensure that where children live remains safe and in good condition. They are especially anxious to remove mold and lead paint from homes as these can cause developmental delays and even death in children. After the work is done they will even bring in an inspector to ensure that the work was done correctly.Those in need of aid to ensure their home remains safe and livable have many options today. Government Grants for Home Repair are providing many with the resources they need to ensure that their home remains a haven.

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