Some Excellent Travel Tips for Albania

Located in the Southern part of the Europe, Albania is considered to be one of the most interesting tourist destinations. It is a place where you can get the glimpse of some of the finest aspects of Europe’s culture, history, tradition and beauty. As compared to other European countries, Albania has yet not seen much of economic development; owing to this, the country’s rustic aura is still intact. This aspect makes Albania an attractive place to visit and explore.There are plenty of low-cost and budget flights available for Albania from UK. Several websites on the internet allow you to make comparisons between various flights available for Albania. Check out these sites to get the lowest possible rates. All flights land at the Mother Teresa International Airport, at Tirana, the capital of Albania.It was 1990 when Albania become one of the best tourist destination in Europe. It is absolutely a safe haven for vacationers. However, before you proceed with your bookings, it is essential to look into some excellent travel tips for Albania, which will make getting around really easy.The locals know English language quite well; therefore English-speaking people do not face any problems while getting around. Nevertheless, if you know a bit of Italian, in addition to English, getting around gets even better.Good, reasonably-priced hotels are easily available in all the major cities of Albania. With a little search, you can get a decent, clean accommodation in a price as low as 15 Euros. In currency exchange, US Dollars and Euros are widely accepted. Euros and Dollar have large value in comparison to Albanian currency. The food here has Turkish influence; the traditional Albanian meal, which is quite cheap and filling, has soup, shish kebabs and meat. This is followed by ice-cream or a cup of hot coffee.Albania, on the whole, is very safe to travel. However, the northern part of the country, near Kosovo, has landmines, which have not yet been cleared. Hence, if you plan to travel to this part, it is advisable to take a local guide along with you.Albanians are very hospitable, but at the same time they are also very traditional and religious by nature. Therefore, it is essential to follows certain norms in Albania. For instance, exchange greetings respectfully, do not offend the locals by discussing topics like politics, religion and personal preferences. Lastly, women should dress in modesty. With the above superlative travel tips, you can not only enjoy the beauty of this untouched land, but you can also fully explore and relish the local culture and traditions. At the end of your vacations in Albania, you will take back fond memories of a time well-spent.

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